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  • Cangaroo Swing Star
    -25,00 €
    Cangaroo Swing Star

    135,00 € 160,00 € -25,00 €
  • Cangaroo Baby Swing
    -15,00 €
    Cangaroo Baby Swing TY-008

    Children's swing suitable for children with weight between 3-9kg2 positions of the seat: lying to rest and half-standing to play12 tender melodies with volume control3 entertaining toys for visual stimulation of the baby5 points safety belt5 options for swinging.

    85,00 € 100,00 € -15,00 €
  • Cangaroo relax Baby Jungle
    -9,00 €
    Cangaroo relax Baby Jungle

    The product is intended for children above 0 months of age and weight up to 18 kg.

    60,00 € 69,00 € -9,00 €
  • Babymix bouncer with music and vibration
    -9,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Babymix bouncer with music and vibration

    Baby bouncer with music and vibration.Working with baterries Recling west for rest and sleepWashable soft fabrics 

    60,00 € 69,00 € -9,00 €
  • Lorelli Dream time relax
    -7,00 €
    Lorelli Dream time relax

    Being an ideal solution even for the sunniest summer days, the baby lounge has a foldable shade and a tray for objects.

    48,00 € 55,00 € -7,00 €
  • Lorelli Top Relax
    -7,00 €
    Lorelli Top Relax

    Being compact, light and easily portable, the model improves the mood only by its appearance – the offered colour range is really rich and the thematic prints allow personal style even to the infants. The baby lounge has a rocking option, together with an option for locking of the calming motion to provide the maximum safety to the child.

    38,00 € 45,00 € -7,00 €
    -9,00 €

    50,00 € 59,00 € -9,00 €
  • Garden cradle Comfort
    -9,00 €
    Garden cradle Comfort

    Garden cradle with canopy. for indoor and outdoor 

    50,00 € 59,00 € -9,00 €
  • MimiNu Baby Cocoon Nest
    -9,00 €
    MimiNu Baby Cocoon Nest

    A Multifunctional Portable Lounger/mini cot with removable mattress that adapts to the child’s age and size. The ‘cocoon’ is intended for infants from birth to about 6 months of age. All you need to do is untighten a cord and then can be used by older children. Comfort, closeness and security: Parents’ bed - sleep comfortably with no fear that you might...

    48,98 € 57,98 € -9,00 €
    CYBEX LEMO Bouncer

    CYBEX Lemo Sleep. Feed. Bounce. With the CYBEX LEMO Bouncer, your baby has a seat at the table from day one. This innovative 3-in-1 bouncer was designed for use from birth as a stand-alone bouncer with and without harness or attached to the LEMO Chairs, meaning that parents can keep eye contact and effortlessly bring baby to the table. From 6 months up to...

  • Lorelli Swing Tango
    -24,00 €
    Lorelli Swing Tango

    Microcomputer Control Technology Silence mode when swinging the baby for easily sleeping. Easily fold / Save storage space Musical Panel with 12 melodies and adjustable volume Timer with 8, 15 and 30 minutes intervals 5 speeds of swinging function 5 points safety belts 4 batteries /not included in the set/ Adapter /included in the set/ MP3 Function Remote...

    101,21 € 125,21 € -24,00 €
  • Cangaroo
    Cangaroo Electric swing Woodsy

    One arm electric swingIt can be used with adapter (included in the set) and with batteries 5 swing speeds Timer with 3 points 12 melodies   5 natural sounds2 positions of the backrestElectric toybar with 3 toysRotating the seat on left and rightAdditional frame for “bouncer“ function With remote control

    118,02 € 142,02 € -24,00 €
  • Lorelli Ventura 2in1 High Chair - Electric Swing
    -29,00 €
    Lorelli Ventura 2in1 High Chair - Electric Swing

    2in1 function - Feeding Chair and Baby Swing Silence mode when swinging the baby for easily sleeping. Adjustable backrest in 4 positions when the product is used as a feeding chair and 2 positions of the backrest - when it is used as a baby swing Height adjustment in 6 positions Removable tray for feeding and play with 3 adjustable position foldable to...

    146,63 € 175,63 € -29,00 €
  • Cangaroo Merry Relax Chair-Bouncer
    -11,00 €
    Cangaroo Merry Relax Chair-Bouncer

    Baby Bouncer with belts, suitable for up to 9kg.Removing the belts you can use it from 9 up to 13kg as a lounger.Made from a breathable material, suitable for newborns.The Cangaroo Merry bouncer has 2 different reclining positions.Offers different vibration and music intensities.Can be stabilised using the adjustable legs on the bottom of the...

    58,00 € 69,00 € -11,00 €
  • Viggo Newborn Relax Chair - Bouncer
    -30,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Viggo Newborn Relax Chair - Bouncer

    Multifunctional Viggo lounger, which your child can fully use from the first weeks of his life. Stable and lightweight design, soft backrest provide comfort and relaxation for your child. The bouncer will serve the child for several years. Adjusting the position of the backrest allows the child to rest and play comfortably. - adjustment of the reclining...

    39,00 € 69,00 € -30,00 €
  • Kinderkraft Finio Bouncer & Rocking Chair
    -14,00 €
    Kinderkraft Finio Bouncer & Rocking Chair

    Kinderkraft Finio is a stylish bouncy chair intended for children from birth up to a weight of 9 kg. Fits perfectly into modern interiors. The seat and belts are made of soft plush for your little one’s comfort. Durable beechwood chair frames can be combined with the Fini chair to create a rocker for an older child.From birth Scandinavian design Soft,...

    75,00 € 89,00 € -14,00 €
  • Kinderkraft Minky Electric Baby Swing
    -11,90 €
    Kinderkraft Minky Electric Baby Swing

    Electrical swing with a panel , carousel and 3 developing toys. Stimulates child's development and provides parents with a moment for rest. It light structure makes it easy to handle.

    68,00 € 79,90 € -11,90 €
  • Cangaroo YoYo Swing
    -11,00 €
    Cangaroo YoYo Swing

    Cangaroo Yoyo is the right means to relax your baby.The soft fabrics, the rocking function and the superb melodies make it the best in its class.

    61,27 € 72,27 € -11,00 €


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