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Ceba Baby 'Multi' Pregnancy/Motherhood Pillow

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A multifunctonal pillow for pregnant women, young parents and children. This large, comfortable pillow promotes relaxation, significantly improves the comfort of future mothers and later on, of the baby. Filled with styrofoam micro-pearls with a diameter of 0,5-1,5 mm, which are small balls, that change under the arrangement of the body while also gently massaging with movement, taking care of the spine and well-being. It also helps in sleep and resting and when the baby is already in the world, facilitates feeding – to assume a comfortable position and relieve the spine.

Comfortable to sleep on your side
Relax in your favorite position
Relief of spine pains
Breastfeeding lying down
Comfortable breastfeeding
Convenient bottle feeding
Baby Nest
Support when learning how to sit

Safe and hypoallergenic, made of the highest quality materials. Filled with certified styrofoam micro-pearls and cover equipped with zipper, can be removed and washed at 40°C.


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