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Electric breast pump Elegance
Electric breast pump Elegance

Cangaroo Elegance Electric Breast Pump

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The electric breast pump of Cangaroo Elegance has 10 degrees of stimulation and 3 degrees of frequency; 15 degrees of draining. 


Quiet motor providing discretion; With soft ribbed silicone nozzle providing comfort; Touchscreen panel for regulating various functions; LCD display. The electric breast pump of Cangaroo with varying degrees of control pumping strength, flap gently pumping. 

The product is characterized by two main modes: cycle massage or so-called stimulation - 10 levels and 3 levels of frequency. The user can adjust thus most - appropriate frequency of draining and stimulation. 

Drain cycle - 15 levels with 3 degrees of frequency. The user can adjust the most - appropriate level and frequency of draining. 

The pump provides many of the features that dynamic mother looking and perfect for several reasons: 
-iztsezhdane and storage of breast milk while you are away from your baby (eg work) 
-oblekchavane tension in the chest, because too much milk 
Maintaining a secretion of milk when you need to temporarily stop breast-feeding a child 

breast pump is intended for use only by adults.

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