Powder Dispenser

Powder Dispenser

Philips Avent Milk Powder Dispenser

Philips Avent
This handy little unit carries 3 pre-measured portions of milk powder in separate compartments. When parents are ready to feed, they can just pour the powder into the bottle of pre-boiled cooled water. They can also remove inner sections to use as a bowl or container.
The Brother Max Milk Powder Dispenser holds up to 3 x 227ml / 8 oz feeds for accurate bottle preparation on-the-go. It’s perfect for a day’s feeding and comes with a long spout for less mess, it fits any bottle. It comes apart for easy cleaning and turns on side so no powder comes out, for less mess & spills. The ‘click’ system ensures increased...
Closer to Nature Milk Storage Lids 4 Pack
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Powder Dispenser

Closer to Nature Milk Storage Lids 4 Pack

Tommee Tippee
€8.00 €8.90
These handy Milk Storage Lids fit all sizes of Closer to Nature bottles, transforming them into safe and convenient storage for your breast milk. They’re also suitable for use in both the fridge and the freezer.
Milk powder dispenser with 4 layers
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€4.00 €4.90
Handy milkpowder store containers Ideal to take with you 4 useful stackable serving trays 1 dispenser Closes well Sterilizable Dishwasher safe With the convenient store boxes for milk powder is preparing bottles for your baby's very easy before you go.  Measure the right amount of milk powder for a bottle and store it in one of the 4 useful trays from...
mam Milk Powder Box
  • -€1.40

mam Milk Powder Box

€7.50 €8.90
The Milk Powder Box is especially lightweight and holds up to three servings of powdered milk or formula. Thanks to its triangular shape milk powder or formula can be filled easily into the bottle without leaving any residue behind. Perfect for active parents and ideal for on-the-go: Triangular shape for easy filling of bottles 3 compartments for...
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