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  • Funny Dreams Cangaroo
    -27,00 €
    Funny Dreams Cangaroo

    2 levels + soft changing matZipped side entranceSide pocket for toysPockets for diapers and other accessoriesMosquito netMechanism for fast and easy foldingToybar with 5-functional toys: rotation, lights, vibration, music, melodies activated by noiseAluminum construction with curved frame. watch video Here

    155,00 € 182,00 € -27,00 €
  • Cangaroo Sleepy playpen
    -15,00 €
    Cangaroo Sleepy playpen

    Children's folding playpen2 levels +1 level for diapers Arch with toysDouble assured system for foldingTapitseriya made of easily washable fabric,suitable for longer and frequent trips  Available in the following colors: beige / pink / purple /orange / blue / green

    80,00 € 95,00 € -15,00 €
  • Tommy Cangaroo
    -13,00 €
    Tommy Cangaroo Playpen

    Play yard with 2 levels adjustment of the mattress heightSuitable from birth up to 3 years of agePractical and compact, providing your child a great place to playOptimally secured and suitable for sleepingUpper level with zipper ideal from birth to 3-4 months or until the baby can sit upright unaided

    70,00 € 83,00 € -13,00 €
  • Lorelli Play station
    -14,00 €
    Lorelli Play Square Playpen

    If you want to create a special play corner for your child, the play cot is the most appropriate and practical solution for that purpose. Being compact, foldable and easily portable, it will not create any inconveniences to your interior, while it will provide the child with safety and a really pleasant playing time. You can carry it with you even when...

    75,00 € 89,00 € -14,00 €
  • Lorelli Nanny
    -10,00 €
    Lorelli Verona Playpen

    The Verona playpen is perfect for home, travel the child and for your travels. This is a collapsible folding park occupying minimal space and easily transported with carrying case.

    54,00 € 64,00 € -10,00 €
  • Play Playpen Baby Desing 100X100cm
    -16,00 €
    Play Square Playpen BabyDesign

    All the learner Toddler get up. If you think your child hurry to master these skills, then explore the Playpen Play Up, designed to support their learning. We supplied him with special handles, allowing your child rising to a standing position.

    90,00 € 106,00 € -16,00 €
  • Playpen Dream Baby Desing
    -18,00 €
    Playpen Dream BabyDesign

    Dream Travel cot bed for the most demanding I have. It is very versatile! It can also function as a pen. His additional equipment makes even traveling have provided comfort.

    100,00 € 118,00 € -18,00 €
  • Cangaroo i-Sleep Playpen
    -21,00 € New
    Cangaroo i-Sleep Playpen

    The Cangaroo ISleep playpen comes to complement the infant room with its superb abilities, as it features a dome-shaped awning & mosquito net, a spacious changing room, large storage compartments, 3 adorable toys and wheels to carry around!

    95,81 € 116,81 € -21,00 €
  • Cangaroo Good night Playpen
    -19,00 € New
    Cangaroo Good night Playpen

    Multi-function: folding bed and play yard.2 levels adjustment of the mattress height + 1 soft changing mat table - very convenient for changing of diapers.Toy bar with 3 plush toys guarantees that your baby will have fun.Practical and compact, providing your child a great place to play.Optimally secured and suitable for sleeping.Double safety folding...

    72,60 € 91,60 € -19,00 €
  • Hauck Sleep 'n Play SQ Winnie the Pooh
    -19,00 € New
    Hauck Sleep 'n Play SQ Winnie the Pooh

    The square foldable Playpen Square is fast and easy to install and ensures the safety of the child during play and sleep.It has a mattress for play, 2 wheels with brake for easy home transportation, side entrance / exit with zipper and carrying / storage bag.It takes up little space when folding and is perfect for your trips and trips.

    81,00 € 100,00 € -19,00 €
  • Hauck Sleep n Care
    -39,00 €
    Hauck Sleep n Care

    Bedside cot from birth - with lowerable side part Facilitates nightly feeding For trips and at home Folds up quickly and compactly Storage space under the lying areaIn Sleep'n Care Plus, even newborns will feel safe at all times thanks to its soft paddings and cute design. At night, it's the perfect bedside cot, while during daytime, it can be used as...

    94,61 € 133,61 € -39,00 €


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