Lorelli bus
  • -€4.90

Lorelli bus

€30.00 €34.90
Playmat "bus" 97x97 cm
BabyOno Friendly Forest... BabyOno Friendly Forest... 2
  • -€9.90

BabyOno Friendly Forest Playmat

€60.00 €69.90
The Friendly Forest Play Mat will keep every baby fantastically entertained for hours. The mat features a dual-side projector with 8 tunes. It grows the baby’s senses with music and visualizations. From the top, the projector displays stars on the ceiling and has multiple colourful lights from the bottom. With distinct, contrasting colours, our mat helps...
Tiny Love Polar Wonders™...
  • -€20.00
€117.00 €137.00
Ultra-soft activity mat designed with high-quality fabrics and premium materials. Explore & discover in an arctic wonderland!
Kinderkraft Luno Foam Play Mat Kinderkraft Luno Foam Play Mat 2
  • -€6.00
€33.00 €39.00
LUNO is the perfect base for lying down, playing, crawling and taking first steps! Thanks to the highest thickness available on the market and special materials, LUNO protects your child against falls and provides the child with optimal thermal insulation. The large number of puzzle tiles allows you to spread the mat over a larger area to ensure great fun...
Lorelli  Piano Gym
  • -€8.00
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Lorelli Piano Gym

€48.00 €56.00
Gym Playmat "PIANO" 86x60 cm blue or pink color
Kinderkraft Smartfun Gym-Mat Kinderkraft Smartfun Gym-Mat 2
  • -€6.90
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Kinderkraft Smartfun Gym-Mat

€38.00 €44.90
A large mat interactive with playpen function provides the child with fun and safety. A variety of toys and the possibility to move them develop the toddler's motor and manual skills, and stimulate its senses. Easy assembly and transport.
Kinderkraft Mily Gym-Mat Kinderkraft Mily Gym-Mat 2
  • -€4.90
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Kinderkraft Mily Gym-Mat

€28.00 €32.90
Kinderkraft Mily interactive educational mat is great fun for the baby and support for parents with small children. Made of soft material, colorful, it develops motor and manual skills, and stimulates the child's senses. From the first weeks of life Very soft Unique design
Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe... Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe... 2
  • -€11.00
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€68.00 €79.00
2-in-1 playmat with adjustable arches for more play modes. A world of wonder awaits! Uniquely designed 2-in-1 baby activity mat with adjustable arches provides an adaptable environment for baby's continued growth and development. Electronic bird toy with engaging lights & music feedback, including 30 mins of music and 20 different tunes, can also be...
Taf Toys Musical newborn... Taf Toys Musical newborn... 2
  • -€12.90
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Newborn Cocoons

Taf Toys Musical newborn cosy gym

Taf Toys
€67.00 €79.90
Innovative cosy gym, specially designed for newborns and will adapt as baby grows, with music, lights and plenty of play activities. For Easier Development and Easier Parenting!
Infantino Grow-With-Me... Infantino Grow-With-Me... 2
  • -€30.00
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Newborn & Infant Toys

Infantino Grow-With-Me Playtime Teepee Gym

€99.00 €129.00
This multi-functional gym grows with your little one, transforming from an infant gym to a pretend play teepee. Four hanging toys and a large-mirrored mobile engage newborns and infants with overhead discovery and lay n' play fun. Squeeze the musical elephant's ear to delight little ones with a cheerful tune. As baby begins to crawl, close one side of the...
BabyOno Savanna Playmat BabyOno Savanna Playmat 2
  • -€10.90
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€59.00 €69.90
SAVANNA educational play mat will guarantee hours of great fun for every child. Our play mat is characterized by clear, contrasting colours that develop the sense of sight, imagination and ability to concentrate. The play mat grows together with your child: First it is used as a place to lye on when put on the back, then also for lying on the tummy, and...
Tiny Love Black & White... Tiny Love Black & White... 2
  • -€10.90
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€59.00 €69.90
Black and white gymini is a 2-in-1 play mat with adjustable arches that provide an adaptable environment for your baby’s continued growth. The newborn play mat has various activities and interactive toys to keep your little one entertained, such as its adorable hedgehog that plays musical tunes and its baby book that encourages tummy time. The musical...
Taf Toys Koala Musical Cosy... Taf Toys Koala Musical Cosy... 2
  • -€11.90
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€68.00 €79.90
Overview A richly colorful & thickly padded cozy gym With music, lights and lots of play activities to reflect the dreamy adventures of Kimmy koala and her pals in the joyful nature. Perfect for newborns and will adapt as baby grows. 4 in 1 interactive cozy mat – 1) Newborn cozy mat 2) Baby Interactive Gym 3) Baby Tummy Time helper 4) Cozy mat or a...
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