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Lorelli Hot Rock Tricycle

Lorelli Hot Rock Tricycle

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There is nothing more enjoyable than a walk in good weather with the child, especially when it can’t walk but wants to discover the small wonders of the world every day. The tricycle is extremely comfortable for this purpose. 

The HOT ROCK tricycle is available in several colors - blue, green, beige and red, and has a small bell to be heard coming from afar. It also disassembles and can change seat positions in a convenient way. 
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Red

- adjustable telescopic handle - to guide the parade with refinement;
- adjustable and comfortable backrest - provides comfort for the child;
- Removable griff - when the kid is already big;
- folding footrest - provides foot support;
- Adjusting the handle in height - however, the parents should be comfortable also. It is particularly useful for long walks;
- button to stop pedal movement on the front wheel – prevents of striking the child's feet when not using them;
- Textile rack - you can store all the necessary things for a complete walk;
- 3D breathable fabric on the seat - provides comfort and prevents sweating. We know that in the summer time weather can be quite hot, and with this seat you will have one less care;
- footrest for smaller children;
- position with back to parent;
- Position facing the parent - to have visual contact all the time;
- Parental control position - Provides visual contact and responsiveness when needed.
- a tricycle – from trolley type becomes a standard tricycle for the little kid to have fun.
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