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Nose Cleaner

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  • Bebe Confort
    Bébé Confort ergonomic nose cleaner

    Bébé Confort ergonomic baby nose cleaner offers you an easy and efficient solution to unblock baby's nose. For optimized hygiene, the baby nose cleaner comes with 2 flexible silicone tips that are safe & hurtless for baby and therefore ensure his comfort during aspiration. 

  • Nose cleaner BabyUno NoseFrida

    Nose Frida Nose cleaner  Say Goodbye to Nasal Congestion with Nosefrida.  NoseFrida nasal aspirator is an effective, easy to use aid against nasal congestion for babies and small children, from birth to 3 years of age. 

  • Elecric Nasal Aspirator Cangaroo
    -6,00 €
    Elecric Nasal Aspirator Cangaroo

    The Nose Cleaner is a brand-new, gentle, efficient, easy to maintain product for baby`s healthcare. The baby Nose Cleaner is essential for an efficient nasal hygiene for the child.

    33,90 € 39,90 € -6,00 €
  • Katarek Plus Nasal Aspirator
    -3,00 €
    Katarek Plus Nasal Aspirator for Vacuum

    The Katarek Plus Aspirator connects to a household vacuum cleaner with a power of 600-1800W. Reduced, uniform suction power makes it much more effective than oral aspirators, which remove only 1/4 of the secretions. Thanks to the aspirator Katarek Plus, you can get rid of the mucous of the child's nose efficiently and quickly, bringint the baby immediate...

    15,49 € 18,49 € -3,00 €
  • Katarek Standard Nasal Aspirator
    -2,90 €
    Katarek Standard Nasal Aspirator

    Katarek Standard is a vacuum aspirator that effectively and quickly removes secretions from the child's nose, bringing him relief. The aspirator is intended for infants (from the first day of life) and older children. This model of the puller - in contrast to the aspirator Katarek Plus - does not have a twisted chamber . The Katarek Standard set includes...

    13,82 € 16,72 € -2,90 €


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