Newborn Cocoons

Belisima Newborn Cocoon Belisima Newborn Cocoon 2
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Newborn Cocoons

Belisima Newborn Cocoon

Coto Baby
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The cocoon was designed specifically for the safety and comfort of your baby. The blanket is not permanently attached to the swaddle. So you can freely use it as well during walks in the pram or transporting the child in the car seat. The pillow is sewn in such a way that it gives adequate support for the head and protected it from being too big shocks....
MimiNu Baby Cocoon Nest MimiNu Baby Cocoon Nest 2
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Newborn Cocoons

MimiNu Baby Cocoon Nest

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A Multifunctional Portable Lounger/mini cot with removable mattress that adapts to the child’s age and size. The ‘cocoon’ is intended for infants from birth to about 6 months of age. All you need to do is untighten a cord and then can be used by older children. Comfort, closeness and security: Parents’ bed - sleep comfortably with no fear that you might...
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