Motherhood & Pregnancy Pillows

Motherhood & Pregnancy Pillows

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  • Pregnancy/Motherhood Pillow
    -7,90 €
    Ceba Baby
    Ceba Baby 'Multi' Pregnancy/Motherhood Pillow

    A multifunctonal pillow for pregnant women, young parents and children. This large, comfortable pillow promotes relaxation, significantly improves the comfort of future mothers and later on, of the baby. Filled with styrofoam micro-pearls with a diameter of 0,5-1,5 mm, which are small balls, that change under the arrangement of the body while also gently...

    32,35 € 40,25 € -7,90 €
  • Lorelli 'Happy' Nursing Pillow
    -4,00 €
    Lorelli 'Happy' Nursing Pillow

    Happy from Lorelli is a breastfeeding or bottle feeding pillow which helps the mother during feeding. All materials used to create this pillow are soft and comfortable for the baby to lie down on. Zipper cover for easy washing.

    20,37 € 24,37 € -4,00 €
  • Lorelli Nursing & Sleeping Pillow
    -4,00 €
    Lorelli Nursing & Sleeping Pillow

    The nursing pillow is a product that guarantees comfort and security during pregnancy and breast feeding. It can be used from the sixth month of the pregnancy and provides more peaceful and healthy sleep as the pregnant woman puts it under her abdomen and the weight in the spinal column is relieved in this way. After the baby's birth the pillow becomes a...

    20,37 € 24,37 € -4,00 €


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