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Coto Baby offers baby product equipment such as: strollers, car seats, travel cots, high chair and accesories with all the necessary certificates and are regularly technical tested.

Coto Baby is a fast-growing company with polish roots, present on the market since 2008.

At this moment, due to the amount of the offered goods and the range of the products, the Coto Baby brand has two centres of distribution, located on northern and southern Poland. Coto Baby is popular on the polish and foreign markets.

Coto Baby offer such products as: strollers, car seats, travel cots, high chair and accesories. All goods have necessary certificates and are regularly technical tested.

The priority of Coto Baby is safety connected with comfort, modern designs and friendly prices.

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  • Babymix bouncer with music and vibration
    -9,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Babymix bouncer with music and vibration

    Baby bouncer with music and vibration.Working with baterries Recling west for rest and sleepWashable soft fabrics 

    60,00 € 69,00 € -9,00 €
  • Coto Baby Bolero
    -29,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Coto Baby Bolero

    The car seat Bolero is suitable for children from 0 to 25 kg. The car seat can be mounted both front and rear facing. It has a headrest and pull-out base which ensures an extra stability. Bolero is very easy to install. It will certainly meet the expactations of a demanding parent.

    130,00 € 159,00 € -29,00 €
  • Coto Baby Como Car Seat
    -30,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Coto Baby Como Car Seat

    Traveling has never been so easy and safe. The car seat Como is equipped with the ISOFIX system together with the TOP TETHER strap, which offers you and your child the expected safety. An interesting design will appeal to the parents and the little ones. - for children from the weight group of 9-36 kg– Equipped with the systems ISOFIX and TOP TETHER–...

    160,00 € 190,00 € -30,00 €
  • Coto Baby Jazz
    -12,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Coto Baby Jazz

    This perfect designed, solidly made and functional car seat is suitable from children from 9 to 36 kgs distinguish comfortable and easy in install. Comfortable seat, adjustable headrest height (150 cm) and contoured armrests make that your child love that car seat.

    60,00 € 72,00 € -12,00 €
  • Coto Baby Rumba Pro
    -19,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Coto Baby Rumba Pro

    Rumba pro is a car seat that grows with your child.Its unique design and equipment in IsoFIX make you and your child will be fully satisfied.

    110,00 € 129,00 € -19,00 €
  • Coto Baby Salsa Q
    -29,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Coto Baby Salsa Q

    Salsa Q car seat that versatile and safety on the road. Large side pillow specially protect during a side impact, and extrusions in seat improvement use comfrot. If long journey, only Salsa Q.

    150,00 € 179,00 € -29,00 €
  • Coto Baby Salsa Q Pro
    -39,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Coto Baby Salsa Q Pro

    Salsa Q car seat that versatile and safety on the road. Large side pillow specially protect during a side impact. Additional this car seat have isofix system which approved easy and safety mounting. Salsa Q Pro is car seat, which will be used until the maximum child weight.

    190,00 € 229,00 € -39,00 €
  • Coto Baby
    Coto Baby Strada Pro

    Car seat suitable for three weight groups: from 0 to 25 kg, provides for safety of a small passenger from 9 months to 6 years. It has 3-reclining positions which makes that even a long journey becomes comfortable. Strada Jeans is especially recommended due to an additional headrest and belts protecting the child’s pelvic bones.

    160,00 € 175,00 € -15,00 €
  • Coto Baby
    Coto Baby Swing

    This perfectly designed, soundly made car seat is suitable for children from 9 to 25 kg. It is exceptionally comfortable, easy to mount and has an original design. 3 reclining positions, an additional headrest and a comfortable seat make your child also love it.

    110,00 € 139,00 € -29,00 €
  • Solario Carseat Cotobaby Rotation 0-18kg
    -45,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Coto Βaby Solario Rotating 360° Car Seat 0-18kg

    Car seat designed for children from 0-18 kg (from birth to 4 years). Equipped with ISO-FIX system and supporting / stabilizing leg. Can be mounted in both directions (front and rear). Modern design. Weight: 14 kg

    250,00 € 295,00 € -45,00 €
  • Cotobaby Mambo
    -34,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Cotobaby Mambo

    The high chair will ensure comfortable during the feeding both you and your child.Comfortable, double tray make possible preparation food on the removable element in safety distance from the child. Next may be put on with ready dinner.Adjustable backrest and seat ensure the best arrangement the child and suede inset will, that the youngest children can be...

    80,00 € 114,00 € -34,00 €
  • Coto Baby
    Cotobaby Samba playpen

    This model is easy to build and very easy to use, making it ideal for travel. Equipped with Double Lock, protecting it against self-filing. The side entry zipper allow under your control greater your child to get out of the crib and easily return to it. Has one level of height alignment of the mattress.

  • Playpen Conti
    -12,00 €
    Coto Baby
    Playpen Conti

    This model is lightweight and easy to spread, the mat has color printing. The side entrance is equipped with a lock so you are always in control of your baby and the child can freely enter and leave the pen. Conti is great for travel and a fun place for a toddler and additional equipment for children’s rooms.

    67,00 € 79,00 € -12,00 €
  • Coto Baby
    Safety Aero Wedge Cot Pillow Baby Matex

    safe zip fastening, helping to keep the pillow clean Polyurethane foam ensures correct position for the baby’s head special ventilation system enables for air circulation The unique shape provides your baby with a safe position Prevents Reflux




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