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Bellamy furniture is manufactured in polish mills, which are specialised in production of furniture for children and youth with over 30 years of experience in this field.  Our furniture, from cradles to pieces for arranging whole rooms, is used by babies and children living in whole Europe.  One the Polish market, we made a successful debut in 2005 launching our authorship collection of furniture.  Bellamy furniture is of the highest class, which make parents able to organise child’s first world in a convenient way.  A cosy but functional room, where a child is safe is his or her little planet.

Marylou Cot Bed Marylou Cot Bed 2
  • -€64.00
Baby beds

Marylou Cot Bed

€365.00 €429.00
Classical and elegant line of children's furniture with a fresh and delicate look. The collection is in light colours and beautiful silver handles add a touch of sophistication to its overall appearance.
Bellamy Nomi Cot 70x140 Bellamy Nomi Cot 70x140 2
  • -€70.00
Baby beds

Bellamy Nomi Cot 70x140

€400.00 €470.00
Cot is always the heart of children's room, where they can rest, dream and play. However, in addition to satisfying the basic needs of every child we also focused on the practical use of its functions in play and support of child development.
Bellamy Hoppa Cot 70x140cm Bellamy Hoppa Cot 70x140cm 2
  • -€90.00
€500.00 €590.00
A basic piece of furniture, necessary in every child's bedroom was designed to be solid for years. Rounded shape increases its safety and adds special charm. When the child grows out of its bed, it can easily be transformed into a comfortable 160cm long divan, that will ensure its user sleeps well for a long time. Railing (available as an option) will...
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