Carseat Base

Carseat Base

Doona Isofix Car Seat Base

The Isofix base from Simple Parenting has been designed especially for the Doona™, it is installed into your car using the ISOFIX anchor points to re-assure you that the seat is secured correctly without the need to additionally secure it in place with a seatbelt. The base has been engineered with safety and simplicity at the forefront of the design,...
BABYZEN ISOfix base for... BABYZEN ISOfix base for... 2
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BeSafe® ISOfix base is compatible with YOYO car seat (Gr 0+) and iZi Modular iSize car seats (Gr 0/1): utilization from birth and up to 4 years. Quick and easy installation. The base fits easily to the ISOfix attachments in the car. Equipped with a growing leg support that can be adjustable to several positions and adapt to the different seat height of...
CYBEX Car Seat Bases


Design, safety and functionality are at the heart of innovation at CYBEX. The Base Z is the secure and variable base unit for the new CYBEX Z-Line Modular System, which offers maximum protection as well as com-fortable, flexible use. The unique, innovative rotation mechanism of the Base Z allows the car seat to be swivelled to the side of the car door for...

Cybex base 2 fix

Cybex Aton Base 2 Fix Car Seat Base The Cybex Aton Base 2 Fix Car Seat Base offers safe and easy installation for great comfort. The belted Aton Base is fixed to the car by means of a quick belt-tensioning device. The height-adjustable prop provides additional stability. Aton Base-fix is secured to the car with its ISOFIX connectors and prop, which offers...
Zopa X1 Plus i-Size Carseat... Zopa X1 Plus i-Size Carseat... 2
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Car Seat Accessories

Zopa X1 Plus i-Size Carseat Base

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The matching isofix base to fit the Zopa X1 plus i-size car seat into your car. For maximum safety and ease of use, this pair is a must! Easy installation Correct attachment indicators Support leg with adjustable height and adjustment indicators The indicatiors lower the risk of incorect installation in the vehicle
CYBEX Car Seat Bases

Cybex Base M

The Base M is compatible with the Aton M and Sirona M2 i-Size. Due to the individual adjustable ISOFIX connectors as well as the height adjustable load leg, the two car seats gains extra stability and safety on the Base M. The one-click installation offers a safe and simple installation that requires no further fastening. Installation indicators also help...
BeSafe βάση i-Size για Modular
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Car Seat Accessories

BeSafe base i-Size for Modular

CAN BE USED FOR BOTH BESAFE IZI GO MODULAR I-SIZE AND BESAFE IZI MODULAR I-SIZE The front brace is included with the toddler seat and needs to be used when the toddler seat iZi Modular is clicked onto the iZi Modular base.
BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size Base
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Quick ISOfix installation in just 3 steps Clear indicators, both visual and audible. Growing leg room with iZi Modular i-Size Quick and easy installation Minimized risk for incorrect installation Group: Besafe group 1 and 2 Installation: ISOfix Rear facing: 40 – 105 cm Forward facing: 88 – 105 cm Approx age: birth – 4 years Approved: UN R 129 (i-Size)...
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