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  • Cangaroo Bassinet Nap
    -19,00 €
    Cangaroo Bassinet Nap

    The product is intended for children with weight from 0 to 11.30 kg and height up to 86.40 cm.The baby bassinet is with beautiful and gentle design and various functions.

    120,00 € 139,00 € -19,00 €
  • Baby Cot-Swing FIRST DREAMS White
    -25,00 €
    Baby Cot-Swing FIRST DREAMS White

    for newborn until 6 months

    130,00 € 155,00 € -25,00 €
  • Kinderkraft Neste Co-Sleeping Cot
    -23,90 €
    Kinderkraft Neste Co-Sleeping Cot

    Looking for an inexpensive co-sleeping solution for your growing family? Neste is the perfect purchase! Kinderkraft Neste acts like a normal baby cot when needed, but also provides the option of attaching it to the parent's bed using the provided buckles and lowering one side of the cot to allow the parent to have immediate access to the baby. Neste was...

    105,43 € 129,33 € -23,90 €
  • Kinderkraft UNO Co-Sleeping Cot
    -29,00 €
    Kinderkraft UNO Co-Sleeping Cot

    The lightest side crib on the market weighing 6 kg (aluminum structure) The crib can be attached to the parents' bed Independent baby cot function − replaces a travel cot Mesh at the front of the baby cot allowing to see the child UNO 2-in-1 side crib by Kinderkraft Being safe and close to parents is the most important for a child, especially in the first...

    129,82 € 158,82 € -29,00 €
  • Kinderkraft
    Kinderkraft UNIMO 5in1 Cot & Bouncer

    SOON IN STORESUNIMO is a product for modern parents − it offers 5 functions in one: cot, cradle, bouncer, rocker and chair. Your child will feel comfortable regardless of the activity and when the baby gets tired you can easily change its position − it will take you only a few seconds. UNIMO may be set at three different angles: in sitting, reclining and...

    100,00 €
  • MimiNu Baby Cocoon Nest
    -9,00 €
    MimiNu Baby Cocoon Nest

    A Multifunctional Portable Lounger/mini cot with removable mattress that adapts to the child’s age and size. The ‘cocoon’ is intended for infants from birth to about 6 months of age. All you need to do is untighten a cord and then can be used by older children. Comfort, closeness and security: Parents’ bed - sleep comfortably with no fear that you might...

    48,98 € 57,98 € -9,00 €
  • BabyMix Bed Side Cot
    -49,00 €
    BabyMix Bed Side Cot

    93,02 € 142,02 € -49,00 €
  • Small crib Cassy
    -19,00 €
    Small crib Cassy

    Wooden cot made of beech wood, painted in high quality white paint.Suitable for children between 0 and 6 months, that still can't stand up alone, or weighting up to 9 kgs.The cot is with four wheels for easier transportation.Each of the wheels is provided with a stopper in order to stop the unnecessary movement.The set consists of mattress and bedding (...

    81,00 € 100,00 € -19,00 €
  • Bassinet Lolly
    -9,00 €
    Bassinet Lolly

    Bassinet Lolly suitable for children 12 months and maximum weght 11 kg.Made of high quality linen.Includes mosquitto net and additional cotton mattress.

    57,39 € 66,39 € -9,00 €
  • Cangaroo Shared Love Side Cot
    -49,00 €
    Cangaroo Shared Love Side Cot

    The Cangaroo Shared Love Side Cot gives your baby their own space during sleep, but at the same time helps you check on them while waking up. It helps while breastfeeding and keeps them safe and sound during sleep.Suitable for up to 9kgSuitable for all bedsCan be attached on the parents bed with one side open or as a standaole cot with closed sides.Height...

    120,00 € 169,00 € -49,00 €
  • Hauck
    Hauck Sleep n Care

    Bedside cot from birth - with lowerable side part Facilitates nightly feeding For trips and at home Folds up quickly and compactly Storage space under the lying areaIn Sleep'n Care Plus, even newborns will feel safe at all times thanks to its soft paddings and cute design. At night, it's the perfect bedside cot, while during daytime, it can be used as...



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