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Miminu Double Face Stroller and Car Seat Cushion Miminu Double Face Stroller and Car Seat Cushion 2
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€24.65 €29.00
VELVET + cotton set - cusion/mattress for pushchair set which includes cushion + belts for headrests and headband Soft, double-sided padded stroller cushion with straps that are used to better attach to the stroller. Soft, cuddly and child-friendly insole which will make the journey more comfortable for children, it has a filling that adapts to the shape...
Car Seat Accessories

Safety 1st Rear View Sunshade

The Safety 1st Rearview Sunshade protects your rear facing baby from sun and glare when travelling, whilst maintaining driver visibility. It fits all cars including 4x4s and people carriers.Reduces sun exposure for children travelling in a rearward facing car seat Doesn't obstruct the driver's visibility Quick and easy to install using three suction cups...
Car Seat Accessories

Diono Sun Stop

The pop open design always holds its shape for a smooth, wrinkle free look and a secure installation.  Attaches in seconds and sized to fit all cars, mini-vans and SUV’s.
Car Seat Accessories

Diono Solar Eclipse

Versatile design provides two levels of protection. The first shade provides partial protection, reducing glare and filtering UV rays. The second shade acts as a black out shade, completely blocking the sun. 17” (43,3 cm) wide and length adjustable. Rewind with the touch of a button.
Car Seat Accessories

Diono HeatBlock Sun Shade

The unique heatblock sunshade impedes sunlight and also repels heat to keep the inside of the car cool and comfortable. The exclusive Diono design features a tightly woven material with a light and heat reflective coating to ensure car passengers will be protected from UVA and UVB rays with the UPF 50+ material.
Diono See Me Too Diono See Me Too 2
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Car Seat Accessories

Diono See Me Too

€15.00 €17.90
The See Me Too™ attaches to your existing rear view mirror using a unique adjustable clip to offer a clear view of your children in the back of the vehicle. The curved shape provides a wide viewing angle meaning you can see the entire back seat in one quick glance.
Diono Easy View Diono Easy View 2
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Car Seat Accessories

Diono Easy View

€20.00 €22.90
It’s easy to worry about your little one when they are on the move and the reassurance of seeing them in their rear facing infant carrier can make all the difference to a journey. The patented Diono Easy View Mirror is the best solution allowing you to take a quick glance in the car’s rear view mirror to see whether baby is awake or asleep and if they...
FreeOn Roller Sunshade Plain FreeOn Roller Sunshade Plain 2
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Trip & Travel Accessories

FreeOn Roller Sunshade Plain

€7.00 €7.90
Roller shade with the button for automatic folding, with two suction cups for installation on the window. It protects child of sun. Size 41×50 cm. Package: 1 pcs.
FreeOn Car Seat Back... FreeOn Car Seat Back... 2
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Trip & Travel Accessories

FreeOn Car Seat Back Protector, Train

€9.00 €9.90
Cute waterproof car seat protection with mesh pocket is intended for protection of the back side of car seat from dirt and damages and it is at the same time organiser for children's toys and other smaller gadgets. Installation with straps and buckles is very easy and fast and the protection is simple to maintenance – you can clean it with the wipe and...
FreeOn LED mirror with... FreeOn LED mirror with... 2
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€20.00 €23.90
LED mirror with lights on both sides and remote control for easy turn ON and OFF. Suitable for all vehicles. Dimension: 28,5 x 21,4 x 8 cm.
BeSafe Baby Mirror XL² with... BeSafe Baby Mirror XL² with... 2
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€28.00 €32.90
The upgraded version of our premium mirror, the Baby Mirror XL², enables you to keep contact with your rear-facing child both in daylight and in darkness. It features remote-controlled lights and many other practical and new functions.
Taf Toys 3in1 Car Mirror Taf Toys 3in1 Car Mirror 2
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Car Seat Accessories

Taf Toys 3in1 Car Mirror

€23.00 €25.90
In-car combo for rear and front facing babies – baby view mirror, tablet holder and a seat protector. For Easier Drive and Easier Development!
Cangaroo Protect Car Seat... Cangaroo Protect Car Seat... 2
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Trip & Travel Accessories

Cangaroo Protect Car Seat Belt Pillow

€10.00 €11.90
Make the journey more comfortable with the Cangaroo Protect Seat Pillow. Help them drift to sleep while leaning onto a soft fleece pillow. Extremely easy to use by wrapping around the car's seat belt, machine washable.
Cangaroo Shelter Car Seat... Cangaroo Shelter Car Seat... 2
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€12.00 €13.90
Shelter is a comfortable head pillow that keeps a child's head stable when inside a forward facing car seat preventint their head from tilting forwards in case they fall asleep.
BabyView automobile safety mirror BabyView automobile safety mirror 2
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€22.00 €25.90
Item Details: allows a direct view of your children for all infant carriers or rear-facing (reboard) baby seats fast and easy attachment at the headrest safe and firm hold without slipping with ball joint for flexible and personalised adjustment
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