A baby stroller is the main transportation equipment you will need for your new baby. During the first months after giving birth a pram is essential and during those months your baby will be facing you probably one of the travel systems that are now widely available in various sizes, weights and designs.

The right choice for a baby stroller depends solely on the parent’s lifestyle and needs. Follow our stroller buying guide to ensure you are making the right choice for your new family.

The names

Τhere are a lot of different names for strollers as well as their accessories.

  1. A baby stroller, pram and buggy are essentially different names for the same type of equipment.
  2. A carrycot is basically an item that transforms a baby stroller into a backwards facing pram so your newborn can face you during your first trips and walks.
  3. The Car Seat is also often referred to as a relax chair but do not complicate those two. A relax chair is pretty much a flat chair which you can usually rock. On the other hand a car seat can be secured in a car’s back seat, rear facing but at the same time can be attached onto your stroller using adaptors.

The 4, main types of baby strollers:

BabyStyle Oyster2 Stroller Travel System

What are Travel Systems

Travel Systems are modular, multifunctional travel units with accessories that can be attached on a chassis to transform it according to your needs. A Travel System usually consists of a chassis, a stroller seat unit, a carry cot and a car seat.

The two main types of travel systems are:

  1. A Travel System that is delivered with multiple detachable accessories and can be used either in combination or separate to add function to your stroller. As an example, our own Riko Brano consists of a chassis with which the following are delivered. A seat unit, carry cot, car seat and a travel bag.
  2. There are multiple strollers that you can transofrm into a travel system that fits your needs according to your own lifestyle. For those strollers you can choose either a carry cot, a car seat and other accessories from multiple brands and manufacturers. Lets take the BabyStyle Oyster 2 as an example. With this baby buggy you can choose a carry cot such as the Cybex Aton M, or the Avionaut Kite and a carry cot if you need to.

The most technology advanced manufacturers also design and create strollers that can be used for one or two babies such as the BabyStyle Oyster Max. With this type of strollers you can attach two carry cots, seat units or car seats. Not only that, the two little travellers are not required to be of the same age.

The umbrella type of baby strollers are the easiest choice for parents that look for a buggy that is folds easily, is small and light. These buggies are usually what you will be looking for after a while. They are easy to take to the beach, a short walk or to keep at a grandparent’s home. Even though the oldest types of umbrella buggies used to close exactly as what the name means, an umbrella, newer types of these buggies use different versions of folding without compromising any of your much needed space! Such strollers are the new Oyster Atom and Zero.

Coto Baby Solario Rotating Solario

Extra Tips

If you feel like a car seat that you can attach on a stroller is something you don’t need, you might find a bit more luck looking for a different solution such as 0+ car seats that you can use for a baby up to 18 or 25 kilos. For this type of car seat you have choices like the Coto Baby Solario which you can use for a newborn and up to 18kg. It is also rotatable so it makes taking your new baby out of the car seat easier than ever. Another similar product is the newest Sirona from Cybex, the German manufacturer with awards and technologically advanced safety measures like no other.

Don’t be afraid of bold colours! Pink might not be the best choice for a boy, but if you are having a girl go ahead and if you have a boy afterwards there’s a solution. Strollers such as the Oyster 2 and Max arrive with colour packs that you can change afterwards and are widely available in multiple colours. Another similar choice is the Mima Xari. Choose a universal colour for the chassis and the eco leather. Xari comes with a starter pack which you can also change afterwards with a small extra cost. This is an easy way to differentiate your stroller from all the rest.

Mima Xari Parasol


You might not give a lot of thought into accessories at first. On the long run though, you will notice how essential some of them are! Accessories can add multiple points to a stroller’s practicality. A cup holder will give your baby’s bottle a place to keep warm. An umbrella or parasol will keep the dangerous sun rays away from your precious little one and the mosquito net will keep any pesky insects at bay.

Never forget that every family is unique and they all have different needs. There are solutions for every type of family and here at Mari Kali we try to cover all your needs with an exclusive range of equipment, from Baby Strollers, Cribs, Safety Car Seats, Nursery Equipment and much more. 

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