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A Parent's Guide - Tips & Tricks for New Babies & Pregnancies

A Parent's Guide

A Parent's Guide

Being a parent may be one of the hardest but most beautiful things to happen to anyone. Having your first baby is a total rollercoaster. Here at Mari Kali Baby Furniture & Equipment, we know how hard it is to set up your new stroller, or the beautiful crib you just bought, or even what you should eat or what excercises you should do as a pregnant woman. That's why we are recruiting some amazing people to help us write a blog complete with some tips and know-hows for every parent and pregnant woman, waiting for their new baby.

About Safety Shields & Cushions. With CYBEX

What are safety cushions and are they safe to use? How do they compare with traditional restraining systems for Childrens safety Car Seats? Learn all about them here.
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What is i-Size? With CYBEX.

Learn all you need to know about the new i-Size standard for Car Seats and child safety inside cars. An article brought to you by CYBEX, a leading manufacturer in childrens car safety products.
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How to Choose the Right Baby Stroller

A baby stroller is the main transportation equipment you will need for your new baby. During the first months after giving birth a pram is essential and during those months your baby will be facing you, probably using one of the travel systems that are now widely available in various sizes, weights and designs. The right choice for a baby stroller depends solely on the parents' lifestyle and needs. Follow our stroller buying guide to ensure you are making the right choice for your new family.
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Here Are Some Unusual Answers to 'Why Does a Baby Cry'

Ever wondered why your baby cries even after you have tried everything? As a new mother or father, you are supposed to know all this answers when in fact, every baby is different, so your guess is as good as any. But we have gathered some answers to this long lasting question parents have.
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