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The New Baby Stroller Egg Quail - Soon at MK

Exciting News! Following the huge success of it’s predecessor, Quail is the new baby stroller that features Egg’s signature design with even more, exciting features.
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How to Choose the Right Baby Stroller

A baby stroller is the main transportation equipment you will need for your new baby. During the first months after giving birth a pram is essential and during those months your baby will be facing you, probably using one of the travel systems that are now widely available in various sizes, weights and designs. The right choice for a baby stroller depends solely on the parents' lifestyle and needs. Follow our stroller buying guide to ensure you are making the right choice for your new family.
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The all new Yellow and Blue Mima Xari are Coming!

This year Mima, the world renowned baby equipment brands is releasing two new exciting colours for it’s best seller, Mima Xari. Continue and learn more about the new exciting colours!
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Here Are Some Unusual Answers to 'Why Does a Baby Cry'

Ever wondered why your baby cries even after you have tried everything? As a new mother or father, you are supposed to know all this answers when in fact, every baby is different, so your guess is as good as any. But we have gathered some answers to this long lasting question parents have.
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