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CutieCloud Cutie Crib/Cot set 4in1
CutieCloud Cutie Crib/Cot set 4in1
CutieCloud Cutie Crib/Cot set 4in1
CutieCloud Cutie Crib/Cot set 4in1
CutieCloud Cutie Crib/Cot set 4in1

CutieCloud Cutie Crib/Cot set 4in1

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Cutie set 4in1 is a crib and three different beds all in one set!

  • Made of ecological solid beech wood with FSC certificate
  • Includes 2 pcs full size foam core mattress (BABY and MINI)
  • Includes 2 pcs bed sheets, OEKO-TEX® certified

This set includes all needed parts for use from newborn to 4 Years. Extensions, mattress etc for use for 4-10Y are sold separately.



0-6 months

At this early age your baby needs most of your attention and nearness. Cutie set 4in1 is assembled into a crib. Cutie BABY crib has a mattress set up at high position, allowing easy access to your baby. It has high-quality lockable wheels which allow you to move it around easily, it fits through all doorways, and yet it is safe and stabile when locked into position. Cribs mobility allows you to always have your newborn near you. The basic set includes Cutie Baby mattresses made of high-quality SkyCell20 foam, with a cotton cover, which guarantees restful sleep essential to your child’s growth and development.

Dimensions: H:90cm, L:66cm, W:83cm

0-24 months

Cutie MINI1 is a children’s bed that can be used from birth, but best from 6 months of age, from the moment your baby can sit on its own. Mini has a mattress set up at the lower position providing safe and familiar environment. By very simple extending of Cutie BABY, using extension elements included in each Basic set, you can easily set up Cutie MINI. By adding extensions and lowering the bed base, you get a beautiful bed in which your baby can sleep the following few years. You can always see your child through the side rail, and the low mattress position protects your baby once it starts walking.


H:81(90) cm / L:126 cm / W:83 cm

6-48 months

After your child becomes very active and can walk steadily, it is time for your Cutie bed to grow again, or in this case just change its form. By removing one side rail and the wheels, your crib becomes a small bed that the child can easily get in and out of alone.

Dimensions: H:81cm / L:126 cm / W:83 cm

4-10 years

Cutie set 4in1 grows with your child through school days. By using JUNIOR EXTENSION SET, Cutie can turn into a full-size bed for your junior. Cutie JUNIOR is 186 cm long and 83 cm wide, so you can be sure that your child will be comfortable even if your he/she is a restless sleeper.

Dimensions: H:81cm / L:186 cm / W:83 cm

JUNIOR extension set is not included in basic Cutie set 4in1 and need to be bought separately

Cutie crib/cot set is made from Croatian beech wood.

Cutie set is not a result of mass production, all its wooden elements are hand-finished, and we do not fix natural wood imperfections. Elements are tinted not painted which allows wood texture to remain visible.

That is why each Cutie set is unique and perfectly imperfect. Cutie grows with your child from birth until school age, providing a safe and familiar sleep and play environment.

Cutie set 4in1 includes:

  • Wooden elements which make up half of the crib (2 pcs.),
  • Extension elements (2 pcs.),
  • Connecting laths (4 pcs.),
  • Screws and bed base mounts,
  • Lockable wheels (4 pcs.),
  • Mattress BABY with a sheet and BABY bed base,
  • Mattress MINI with a sheet and MINI bed base
  • Instructions for use


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