Eurocart Crox Soft Cot
Eurocart Crox Soft Cot
Eurocart Crox Soft Cot

Eurocart Crox Soft Cot

A more budget friendly and often practical solution for parents who are interested in the Eurocart Crox stroller. Even though the Crox collection offers a more conventional , sturdy carrycot that you can attach on Crox, Eurocart gives us the option of choosing the soft cot instead. Soft cot can be attached on the seat unit of Eurocart Crox creating a great alternative that's amazing for the weather in Cyprus. Since the seat unit on Crox can be used for a newborn, once your little one outgrows the cot you can just store it.

SOFT CARRYCOT (infant insert)*

- useful and economical solution for infants up to 6 months

- bottom and sides stiffened with plastic boards

- double installation system (plastic connectors and holes for harness system)

- possibility of folding or removing the front cover

- soft cotton lining in light grey colour

  • Coal
  • Cosmic Blue
  • Mineral
  • Pearl
  • Rose

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About Euro-Cart

Euro Cart is a baby equipment brand, with a growing portfolio of stroller designs and other products.

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