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Kinderkraft Mini Dot Buggy
Kinderkraft Mini Dot Buggy
Kinderkraft Mini Dot Buggy
Kinderkraft Mini Dot Buggy
Kinderkraft Mini Dot Buggy
Kinderkraft Mini Dot Buggy

Kinderkraft Mini Dot Buggy

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MINI DOT is the perfect travel companion. For getting on a plane to go far away and for short neighbourhood strolls. It's lightweight, compact and extremely manoeuvrable, so you can use it even in crowded areas and tight spaces, and when folded down, it easily fits in a car boot or an aircraft hold.



Compact dimensions

When folded down, the MINI DOT can fit into a car boot, on a train luggage shelf, or in an aircraft hold.

A stroller with a reclining backrest

The backrest can be positioned for reclining. This is unique to the MINI DOT and no other pocket stroller has it. Now your baby can always get into a comfy position for a nap.

Extremely lightweight

The stroller weighs only 5.6 kg, making it easy to push and carry.

Shock-absorbing casters

The stroller is easy to manoeuvre with shock-absorbing 360-degree front casters. With the straight-ahead lock, the front casters make it easy to negotiate a rough terrain.

Cable-operated brake

With the cable-operated brakes, a single touch of the hand is enough to engage them on both rear wheels.

Quick unfolding and folding down

In a few seconds and one smooth motion: that’s all it takes to fold down or unfold the stroller.

2-in-1 handle

It becomes a convenient carrying handle when the stroller is folded down.

5-point seat belt

The stroller features a 5-point safety belt for superior safety during every travel. The crotch belt pads, and the shoulder pads make the safety belt very comfortable.

Spacious cargo basket

The spacious cargo basket can hold up to 3 kg of your own and baby’s essentials.

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About Kinderkraft

Kinderkraft brand was established in 2011 in response to the expectations of Parents concerning products dedicated to those who are the most important to us!
Children inspire us as a source of inexhaustible ingenuity and determination to explore new opportunities.
We create with passion for them!

Their range includes co-sleeping cots, balance bikes, bouncers and much more. Find Kinderkraft products in Cyprus exclusively at Mari Kali Stores.

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