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As a parent it's normal to have multiple safety concerns for your baby or child. This is why we offer multiple solutions for all the common problems especially in the household enviroment. From childproofing your kitchen cabinets to monitoring your baby's sleep, we've got you covered. We offer a range of baby audio monitors, cameras, thermometers, bed guard rails, metal gates for stairs and hallways and more. Browse through our baby safety products range.

BabyOno Bath Thermometer
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€3.00 €3.90
SAFE AND PRACTICAL: - easy-to-read graduated scale- mercury free- a mark showing the ideal baby bath temperature- accurate measurement of water temperature- floats on the water- lively colours liked by children
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€50.00 €59.00
The product is a digital baby phone with DECT transmission technology of the sound. The digital transmission provides superior security and sound quality - no annoying white noise. 
Cangaroo Non-Contact... Cangaroo Non-Contact... 2
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Ο πολυθερμομετρητThe 5 in 1 thermometer: Body temperature measurement; Surface temperature measurement (bottle, food); High temperature alarm; Memorizes the last 32 test data; Ambient temperature measurement. Measuring range: Body temperature 32 - 42.9 Celsius; Surface temperature 0 - 60 Celsius; Room temperature 0 - 40 Celsius. Precision +/ - 0.3...
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€60.00 €69.00
The product is a digital baby phone with DECT transmission technology of the sound. The digital transmission provides superior security and sound quality - no annoying white noise. 
Lorelli Infrared... Lorelli Infrared... 2
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€30.00 €36.00
exactly and quick measurement of temperature for ear and forehead easy to use with infrared sensor no disturbing the child 12-memory recalls a plastic box for storage
Vtech VM5252 Baby Monitor 5" Vtech VM5252 Baby Monitor 5" 2
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€180.00 €214.00
When your baby needs you, you'll know thanks to the VTech VM5261 5" Digital Video Baby Monitor with Pan & Tilt Camera, Wide-Angle Lens and Standard Lens. You'll see everything that's happening in the nursery with the included wide-angle lens. This special attachment gives you full control of how you watch over baby.The lens moves in and out for a...
Vtech VM2251 2.4" Digital... Vtech VM2251 2.4" Digital... 2
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€100.00 €119.00
The VM2251 is one of the latest Monitors from Vtech, a camera that includes advanced features such as room-temperature monitoring and a sound-activated display. 
Cangaroo Focus Video Monitor Cangaroo Focus Video Monitor 2
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€120.00 €149.90
2.4GHz Baby monitor; 3.5“ color LCD Display (320x240 pixels); Range - approximatelly 300m; Adjustable camera angle from the parent unit; Two-way communication. 5 lullabies. Night lamp on the camera. Infrared night vision mode. Indicating the baby room temperature. Built-in Rechargeable battery (2000mAH). Volume control. Out of range alert. Voice activated.
Vtech VM1212 Nursery Audio... Vtech VM1212 Nursery Audio... 2
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€66.30 €76.90
Vtech DM1212 nanny provides connectivity up to 75m in the building and up to 460m in the open space. You can talk to your baby through the parent device, turn on a calming lullaby, and when it is dark in the baby's room - you can soothe them by activating the projection from the nursery device to the ceiling.
BC-07 10 Second Thermometer BC-07 10 Second Thermometer 2
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BC-07 10 Second Thermometer

€6.00 €6.90
Large display, therefore easy to read Easy to clean Measures temperature recatal, under arm or tongue  Safe, no use of glass and mercury free ‘One touch' user friendly Range: 32°C - 44°C 0,1°C accuracy Water resistant
Bed Guard Rail

Cangaroo Bedrail

The bed rail is needed when the baby makes the transition from using a crib to using a bed without rails. It is safe and practical, preventing the baby from falling during sleep.Easy to put under the mattress 
Safety First White 7cm Extension Safety First White 7cm Extension 2
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Safety Gates

Safety First White 7cm Extension

Safety 1st
€11.00 €12.90
The Simply-Close Pressure Fit 7cm extension can be used on Easy Close Metal and Easy Close Deco safety gates. This extension can be used alone or in combination with other extensions (7cm, 14cm or 28cm). The configuration for each safety gate is shown on the packaging or in the instruction manual.
Δοκιμασμένο προϊόν σε εξειδικευμένο εργαστήριο Δεν προκαλεί ζημιές στη σκάλα Προσαρμόζεται στα κάγκελα της σκάλας
Safety First Adjustable Portable Bed Rail Safety First Adjustable Portable Bed Rail 2
  • -€7.00
Bed Guard Rail

Safety First Adjustable Portable Bed Rail

Safety 1st
€42.00 €49.00
The easy to transport Safety 1st Portable Bedrail will help keep your child safe in their own bed, by preventing them from accidentally falling out.
Vtech VM3255 2.8" Digital... Vtech VM3255 2.8" Digital... 2
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€118.00 €139.00
Clear vision, vivid full color display with many great features. Video nanny gives you joy and a sense of security. You no longer have to worry and run to the cot every moment to see what your baby is doing. Thanks to the video nanny with a 2.8 ″ color screen, you can watch your favorite series or take care of older children. In addition, the VM3255 has a...
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