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Play Playpen Baby Desing 100X100cm

Play Square Playpen BabyDesign

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All the learner Toddler get up. If you think your child hurry to master these skills, then explore the Playpen Play Up, designed to support their learning. We supplied him with special handles, allowing your child rising to a standing position.

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Passion Pink


Accessories  included

  • Carrying
  • soft mattress
  • Handles to stand up
  1. Rich colors and original design
  2. Side entrance with zippers
  3. Practical handles for easy getting up the child alone
  4. Soft mattress with dimensions of 100x100 cm
  5. stable feet
  6. security elements

Product Details

About BabyDesign

Day after day, month after month, ever since 2002, we have been designing our strollers, feeding chairs, playpens, cots, and car seats for your children with the same enthusiasm. A lot has changed over the years.

Trends in design have changed, our products are equipped with more practical solutions, they are more advances, and manufactured from better quality materials. We can see and feel the progress in each area of our work. We really try to catch up with the development that can be noticed every day. And only one thing has not changed over the years of our activity. Well-being and safety of children and comfort of their moms has always been our main focus.

Approved by Moms.

To underline your input in creation of the new products of Baby Design brand and the improvement of current products, we have implemented an idea of Approved by Moms. Now, we ask each of you about the opinion on the product you use for your child. Having such opinions, it is easier for us to design exactly what you expect, and for other moms, who will be facing the decision on choosing the stroller of cot, it helps to make a good decision.

We would like to invite you to join us in this travel –a journey through growing up of your children. We will be proud to accompany you during their first years of their life.

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