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KipKep Woller
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KipKep Woller

KipKep Woller Newborn Anti-Colics Heatpack

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Woller Heatpack beats the colics!

The newest source of warmth for your baby, toddler, or infant: the Woller!


Woller heat pad

Get rid of intestinal cramps!

Nothing is as unpleasant as intestinal cramps. Your child is in pain, is afraid and can’t sleep well. As a parent, you can feel pretty powerless when your child feels this way. Fortunately, the Woller brings relief, because the heat relaxes the child’s tummy and reduces intestinal cramps. Every week, young parents send us grateful messages, that their little one is finally sleeping well again. And so do they!

Why does the Woller work so well? The Woller is a heating pad that is filled with flax seed. You simply heat the Woller in the microwave and place it on your baby’s belly. The heat immediately ensures relaxation and reduces cramps.

The Woller is small, light and soft. We have designed the shape so that most of the filling drops to the side, so it won’t press on the baby’s tummy. The Woller is also ideal for older children with abdominal pain.

The Woller comes with a removable cover, which feels soft. If you need more covers, you can order them separately.

Use during nursing
>> Heat the Woller before breastfeeding: the heat relaxes and facilitates the lactation.
>> Or put the Woller in the fridge and use it as a cold compress. For example, if your child has injured itself, but you can also use the Woller for yourself as a cold compress during engorgement.

Other applications
>> Use the Woller to preheat your baby’s bed or to keep the towel warm while you bathe your child.
>> Also great to heat the pram or the footmuff!

Heat the Woller without cover in the microwave. Remove any type of grate from the microwave beforehand, because the Woller shouldn’t come in contact with metal during heating.
Never place the Woller directly on the bare skin of your baby. Make sure there’s always a romper or other layer of clothes in between.

The Woller has been carefully designed and the flax seeds in it are completely harmless (it’s even a food product). Because you heat it in the microwave, it can never get too hot for your child’s skin. Always check the temperature on the inside of your wrist before you use it.

The Woller itself can’t get wet and isn’t washable. The separate covers can, of course, be washed. The Woller can’t be used without a cover.

De Woller is a medical device. CE-Certified, medical class I.

Fancy a bit of variety? Beautiful, that pink Woller, but now you get a boy …
The covers of the Woller are also available separately!
Also handy to have one extra when the cover is in the laundry!

Size: 29cm x 14cm
Filling weight: 275 grams

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