2in1 Systems - Stroller & Cot

2in1 Travel Systems are the perfect starter pack for babies and parents on the go. They usually consist of the main baby or child stroller frame and seat unit but also the comfort of an additional carrycot for newborns. But, in some cases, the main stroller seat unit can be transformed into a carrycot making the stroller 2in1 without the need of an extra piece.

Why would you choose a 2 piece bundle instead of going with a 3 piece set? Individual Lifestyle! A lot of parents do not need the option of a detachable infant car seat and choose car seats that stay mounted in the car. These car seats are usually 0-18kg, 0-25kg or 0-36kg allowing you to use the car seat for many more years and are usually more cost-effective in the long run than infant car seats which are usually 0-13kg.

EuroCart Crox 2in1 Stroller...
  • -€65.00
2in1 Systems - Stroller & Cot

EuroCart Crox 2in1 Stroller & Carrycot

€400.00 €465.00
The starter bundle for the Eurocart Crox includes the multifunctional 0-22kg Stroller and carrycot for parents looking for a stylish travel system with amazing options.
Cangaroo Ellada Baby... Cangaroo Ellada Baby... 2
  • -€60.00
2in1 Systems - Stroller & Cot

Cangaroo Ellada Baby Stroller & Carrycot 2in1

€320.00 €380.00
A stroller & carrycot pack made from a light and compact aluminum frame. The stroller is suitable for children from 0 to 36 month  (0-22kg). The set include: carrycot, seat for children whose incline and height can be adjusted. Foot-cover included. Fully reversible seat unit. Height - adjustable handlebar. 3 positions of reclining the seat unit. 2...
Easy Go Optimo Stroller... Easy Go Optimo Stroller... 2
  • -€78.00
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2in1 Systems - Stroller & Cot

Easy Go Optimo Stroller Stroller, Carrycot (2pc set)

€380.00 €458.00
Thought your Easy Go Optimo stroller was multifunctional? Pair it with the matching carrycot to create the perfect travel system. Easy to use, lightweight and extremely versatile. Visit each product of the pack below to see more information on each one.
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