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Kinderkraft UNO Κρεβατάκι Κοινού Ύπνου
Kinderkraft UNO Κρεβατάκι Κοινού Ύπνου
Kinderkraft UNO Κρεβατάκι Κοινού Ύπνου
Kinderkraft UNO Κρεβατάκι Κοινού Ύπνου
Kinderkraft UNO Κρεβατάκι Κοινού Ύπνου
Kinderkraft UNO Κρεβατάκι Κοινού Ύπνου
Kinderkraft UNO Κρεβατάκι Κοινού Ύπνου

Kinderkraft UNO Κρεβατάκι Κοινού Ύπνου

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Το ελαφρύτερο κρεβατάκι κοινού ύπνου στην αγορά με μόλις 6 κιλά βάρος.
Κατασκευασμένο απο υψηλής ποιότητας αλουμίνιο.
Το κρεβατάκι μπορεί να εφαρμοστεί στο κρεβάτι των γονέων
Αυτόνομη χρήση ώς κρεβατάκι - αντικαθιστά το παρκοκρέβατο.
Δίχτυ στη μπροστινή πλευρά ώστε το μωρό να μπορεί να κοιτάει έξω

Το UNO 2 σε 1 κρεβατάκι της Kinderkraft έχει ώσ στόχο να κρατήσει ασφαλή το μικρό σας για τους πρώτους μήνες της ζωής του. Άψογο για χρήση όταν η μητέρα θέλει να νιώθει κοντά στο μωρό της χωρίς τους κινδύνους που διατρέχει όταν κοιμάται στο ίδιο κρεβάτι με τους γονείς.


UNO 2-in-1 side crib by Kinderkraft Being safe and close to parents is the most important for a child, especially in the first days of life. UNO side crib is the perfect solution for those who appreciate the comfort of being close to the baby to watch every precious moment of its development.


  • The lightest side crib on the market weighing 6 kg (aluminum structure)
  • May be attached to the parents' bed
  • May be used as a free-standing travel cot
  • Soft mattress with dimensions: 83 x 52 cm
  • 5-step adjustable height of the cot, from 64 to 74 cm
  • Angular adjustment (max 2 levels of difference)
  • Mosquito net for the crib
  • Mesh at the front of the crib allowing to see the child
  • Pleasant and easy to clean material
  • Simple and safe fixing system
  • Fast folding/unfolding system
  • Protection against accidental folding
  • Stable, reinforced structure (aluminium frame)
  • Bag for easy transportation
  • According to EN 1130

uno-1.jpgPractical and safe

UNO side crib has a simple system for attaching to the parents' bed with special belts. It guarantees stability and safety, both when attached to the parents' bed, as well as used independently. Its 5-step height adjustment makes it suitable both for low and high beds. A great advantage of the crib is the lightweight aluminium frame, which ensures comfort and easy transport. UNO may be intuitively folded and unfolded, which makes it is easy to store. It is a unique solution, especially for small apartments, where limited space may create some problems. UNO meets the needs of a child and parent. It is produced in a trendy grey colour that responds to the latest design trends, fitting perfectly to modern apartments arranged by young parents.

According to EN 1130

The cot is designed for the youngest children − you can use it in a safe manner until the child learns how to sit-up firmly. Therefore, we do not indicate a particular weight, as this activity is dependent on the individual child's motor development.

Well-slept nights

With UNO side crib you can feed the baby at night without having to get up. Sleeping close to the mother is very important for the child − builds closeness and guarantees a sense of security. The rhythm of sleep of a child in the first weeks of life is radically different compared to adults. Its characteristic feature is that the child wakes up easily due to the fact that a large part of sleep (up to 80%) falls on the active stage of sleep (REM), during which the child's brain is very active and is more responsive to stimuli coming from the outside. For proper development of the nervous system it is important to ensure a sense of closeness with parents − it allows for proper operation of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin (responsible for mood), dopamine (responsible for mobility and sensation of happiness), norepinephrine (responsible for energy) and acetylcholine (responsible for memory).

Adjustable backrest angle

UNO has adjustable height – its side may be lifted (up to two levels), which is very useful e.g. during infections of the upper respiratory tract, it facilitates peaceful sleep of the child

For quiet nights and wonderful mornings

The opened wall allows you to attach the crib to the parents' bed. However, after fastening it serves as a separate crib, so allows for a gradual separation, thus affecting the normal cognitive development of the child, varied in different periods of life. 
The rhythm of sleep and wakefulness plays a key role in the development of the child. During sleep the growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. Also the immune system works more intensively, affecting the child's immunity. 

Peaceful sleep

UNO side crib is made of high quality materials, pleasant to the child. It is equipped with a soft mattress that ensures comfort. A mesh window maintains air circulation and thanks to the included mosquito net the child will be protected against insects. The cover can be easily removed and is suitable for machine wash.

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About Kinderkraft

Η Kinderkraft ιδρύθηκε το 2011 για να καλύψει τις ανάγκες γονέων για βρεφικά και παιδικά προιόντα βρεφανάπτυξης, παιχνιδιού και άλλα.

Η συλλογή της Kinderkraft συμπεριλαμβάνει βρεφικά κρεβατάκια ύπνου, ποδηλατάκια ισορροπίας, κούνιες και πολλά άλλα. Βρείτε τα προιόντα Kinderkraft στη Κύπρο στα καταστήματα Mari Kali.

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