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Canpol Backpack Γκρί
Canpol Backpack Γκρί

Canpol Backpack Γκρί

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Η τέλεια τσάντα για τη βόλτα με το μωρό σας. Συνδυάζει έξυπνο σχεδιασμό και πρακτικότητα για κάθε έξοδο.

  • Γκρι
  • Κόκκινο
  • Night Blue
  • Velvet Black

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Moni Trade Ltd is a trade company with main business activity import and trade with baby and children products: baby strollers, baby walkers, high- chairs, child's bicycles and mountain bicycles, toys, baby beds and play yards. More than 10 years we have been offering to the Bulgarian market a wide range of articles with high quality and in accordance to the requirements of the European market.

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