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Oyster Carapace DUOFIX i-Size Βάση
Oyster Carapace DUOFIX i-Size Βάση
Oyster Carapace DUOFIX i-Size Βάση
Oyster Carapace DUOFIX i-Size Βάση

Oyster Carapace DUOFIX i-Size Βάση

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Designed to offer optimum safety performance, comfort and convenience, the Oyster Duofix i-Size is an Isofix base that is compliant with the latest regulations in European car seat safety (i-Size - ECE R129).

As an Isofix base offering click ‘n’ go convenience, the Duofix i-Size is easy to install and employs a red to green notification system to ensure a secure fit. 

For stability, the base has an adjustable leg, which can be folded in for storage as well as a rebound bar which is designed to prevent upward movement and excessive pivoting in the event of an accident. 

Compatible with: Oyster Carapace Infant (i-Size) - 40cm - 83cm Oyster Carapace Toddler (i-Size) - 40cm - 105cm

Part 1 of 3, of the Oyster Carapace collection, offering comfortable and stress-free rearward facing travel from birth to approx. 4 years.

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