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Easy Twist τρίκυκλο ποδήλατο
Easy Twist τρίκυκλο ποδήλατο
Easy Twist τρίκυκλο ποδήλατο
Easy Twist τρίκυκλο ποδήλατο
Easy Twist τρίκυκλο ποδήλατο
Easy Twist τρίκυκλο ποδήλατο
Easy Twist τρίκυκλο ποδήλατο

Easy Twist τρίκυκλο ποδήλατο

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EASYTWIST – tricycle, an alternative to a traditional stroller

A walk is a great opportunity for a child to discover the world around them. To support your toddler's development, instead of a traditional stroller, why not choose the Kinderkraft lightweight EASYTWIST tricycle made of magnesium alloy? It'll not only allow your child to develop their senses and motor skills from the age of just nine months, but it'll also target motor coordination and teach them how to behave safely outside the home.

Advantages of EASYTWIST:

For children from nine months to five years old

360-degree swivel seat – CLICK&TWIST

Durable and lightweight magnesium alloy frame 

High back rest that adjusts to a reclining position

Modular build – grows with the child

Unique design – supports proper development

Adjustable waterproof hood with UPF 50+ 

Adjustable telescopic parent handle with a simple button-based operating mechanism

Five-point safety harness with three adjustable options, with soft harness pads (shoulder and groin)

Durable and puncture-proof wheels, made of polyurethane

Easy to clean – removable cover, bar covered with eco-leather

Easy transport – modular design allows disassembly of individual elements

Accessories: cup holder, bell, drawstring bag, basket for small items

Meets the European standard EN-71

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About Kinderkraft

Η Kinderkraft ιδρύθηκε το 2011 για να καλύψει τις ανάγκες γονέων για βρεφικά και παιδικά προιόντα βρεφανάπτυξης, παιχνιδιού και άλλα.

Η συλλογή της Kinderkraft συμπεριλαμβάνει βρεφικά κρεβατάκια ύπνου, ποδηλατάκια ισορροπίας, κούνιες και πολλά άλλα. Βρείτε τα προιόντα Kinderkraft στη Κύπρο στα καταστήματα Mari Kali.

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