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Cotobaby Verona Stroller
Cotobaby Verona Stroller
Cotobaby Verona Stroller
Cotobaby Verona Stroller

Cotobaby Verona Stroller

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Verona comfort line is the perfect solution for traveling parents. Comfortable in running, light, compact after folding are just some of its advantages. Its unique design and graphite frame will distinguish you during your walks.

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– length: 66cm
– height: 103cm
– width: 55cm

– length: 27cm
– height: 68cm
– width: 55cm

– width: 36cm
– depth: 25cm

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About Coto Baby

Coto Baby is a fast-growing company with polish roots, present on the market since 2008.

At this moment, due to the amount of the offered goods and the range of the products, the Coto Baby brand has two centres of distribution, located on northern and southern Poland. Coto Baby is popular on the polish and foreign markets.

Coto Baby offer such products as: strollers, car seats, travel cots, high chair and accesories. All goods have necessary certificates and are regularly technical tested.

The priority of Coto Baby is safety connected with comfort, modern designs and friendly prices.

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